"The word is kitesurf"​


I invite you to take 5.30min of your time to watch some of my Kitesurfing waves and tricks.I was very young when i started this sport. For the moment I am committed to catchup the world top riders.


There are only a few riders i realy like to see surfing with their kites. It's in those moments i understand all the work they have done to achieve their places.

The scenes were filmed during 2016 first half and some now recently in 2017.Guincho, Carcavelos, Ericeira and Peniche are very good spots to train, however i know i have to visit new Kitewave spots all over the world to increase my experience.Because i love the waves, the wind and flying a kite, Kitesurf is the word i choose to define my Sport!Hope you can share a bit of my fun when riding and enjoy this vídeo.


The word is Kitesurf from Afonso Fernandes on Vimeo.